Magdalen Nabb


Josie Smith
Josie Smith and Eline
Josie Smith at Christmas
Josie Smith at the Seaside
Josie Smith at School
Josie Smith in Hospital
Josie Smith at the Market
Josie Smith in Summer
Josie Smith in Winter
Josie Smith Spring
Josie Smith in Autumn
The Enchanted Horse
Twilight Ghost







This list shows you the order in which the books were written. In the first book, Josie is five and three quarters but she gets older as the books go on and she has a birthday and the seasons pass. As she gets older, her life gets more complicated. She understands more things, knows more people and more words. If you are learning to read you will find it helpful to read the books in the order in which they were written, as in the list above. You'll find that the words and the stories get longer as you go on. If you are already reading well then the order doesn't matter. If you find reading difficult, get someone to read the stories to you at bedtime. They were written in a way that makes them good to read aloud.