Magdalen Nabb


The crime novels are set in modern day Florence, though they often refer back to the recent or distant past. The stories are mostly based on real crimes committed in the city and investigated by the carabinieri.


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It is spring in Florence and everyone around Marshal Guarnaccia seems to be in love, even his own son. The case he is working on, the murder of a young woman, seems to present no particular problems. No distressed parents, no political or influential connections, no pressure from the media. The investigation takes him only a few steps from home, to the Boboli gardens and to the artisans' quarter - where he knows everybody and everybody knows him.

Then everything changes. A second death follows and Guarnaccia is convinced that it is his fault. The case becomes one of the most distressing he's ever had to handle. Burdened with guilt, he finds it impossible to trust his own instincts any more, but he has to learn to do so before he can get at the truth...



Out on the 02/06/05 Hardback, William Heinemann, London

Soho Press, NY

Out on the 06/07/06, Arrow, London

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Royalties from the author's Josie Smith books go to the Amin school for Afghan refugees in Pakistan. Those from The Enchanted Horse go to the Brooke Hospital for Animals which cares for the working equines of the world's poorest people.



I am about to leave Italy for Kenya, to leave the streets of Florence for the Rift Valley to do a sponsored horse ride in support of The Brooke whose clinics give free treatment to the working equines of the world’s poorest people. We shall be riding about 40km a day—that, by my reckoning, is around six hours a day in the saddle. An unknown saddle. On an unknown horse. So: where can I get the £3,000 minimum sponsorship? And some yellow fever vaccine (Italy has run out). And a seat saver. And….




The Josie Smith books are set in the north of England where the author grew up. The Enchanted Horse and Twilight Ghost are realistic stories with magical components.